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Custom Order for Sally


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1) silver mirror saying "Ari Jay's Christening 07.07.19" (5.5" wide) £10

2) Can you do some black piano keys so essentially just a black stick cake charm maybe only 2" in height but I was thinking like 5 in total so I can do a group of 3 and a group of 2 - if you can get them to me this weekend that would be great £3

3) A silver mirror snowflake topper saying "Lola 4" (5" wide) and then some smaller snowflakes about 3 in a mix of sizes/patterns from 1-2" £10

4. Can I also order the monograms via here as I was wondering if you could do a slightly different font? Something a bit more modern calligraphy? I need:
2 x letter "A"
1 x symbol "&" ( 2inches) £5